Feast for the Eyes

 My favorite part of the Harrison Hill Home and Garden Tour
 was this garden.
 While not a large yard,
 my eyes had a feast!
 Especially I I observed how little grass there was to mow.

 It was hard to leave, but there were homes to tour.
Kudos to the owners who have lived in this house and tended this garden for 28 years.
(Can you tell that I like full and overflowing flower beds?)

The Season of Our Rudbekias

 Visits to a few of my favorite gardening blogs
 made me realize I almost missed photographing this season of rudbekia
 in my own yard!
(Truthfully, I'm not gardener enough to know if rudbekias are what they actually are!)
For all their beauty, they require very little in the way of nurturing
(except to reign in their aggressive tendancy to multiplication)...
 Here, they entertain us royally
 interspersed with other performers - natural and man-made.
A carpet of color and splendor.
 ....and below, a hint of what is to come!
It's always SOMEthing.

Mums the Word

 In spite of being cut back around the Fourth of July,
 our hardy mums are leggy
 and ill-shaped.
Come to think of it, except for that trimming they've been quite neglected this year.
Guess I should be thankful they're blooming at all!
I DO so love the promise of autumn that they represent...

One Picture; A Thousand Words

My favorite hosta blooms.....


   “Hide things everywhere. Forget about them. Find them randomly and feel surprised like a pirate finding buried treasure. Avoid scurvy. Love more.”  (Jarod Kuntz)
“I said I *liked* being half-educated; you were so much more *surprised* at everything 
when you were ignorant.”  (Gerald Durrell)
“Even in the familiar there can be surprise and wonder.”  (Tierney Gearon)
Every year I'm blown away by the number of and places where these surprise lilies grow.
2015 is no exception.  I'm surprised...again.

July Ends at the Extension Garden

  Friday evening, July 31st
 Such a beautiful place to stroll; to learn; to linger...
 Nothing stays the same here.
July ends in great form - blue skies, gentle breeze!


The Rest of the Story

 Saturday, we headed out early to avoid the predicted heat
to take in Rockin' It in a town north of us.
 While the rocking chairs, painted by local artists, were cleverly done
and unique in their designs,
 it was ultimately the flowers along the way that captured my heart.

 Kudos to whoever maintains the beautiful planters around the courtyard square!
 They are worth the drive just to enjoy their beauty!
 If you're interested in seeing the rocking chairs, 
check out my post in Thrifty Style at Sixty-Six.


 Seems to me the hosta flowers  in the front of our house
are leaning more than other years....
Maybe because of the size of them?