A New Bed

Inspired by Wilson Street (see previous post), we returned home
ready to take the plunge and create a new bed.
I laid out a general shape with the garden hose,
and he began digging - edging to make an outline of area to be turned over.
Maybe about 1/3 done (above)...I started removing the small stones
 that had been placed around the feet of the bush when it was just a  wee one.
We'll wait for the clumps to dry and grass to die
before breaking it up and planting
hosta and sedum that desperately need to be divided from our other flower beds.

 (If I don't get too impatient, we'll probably pile some leaves & grass clippings
here and let them enrich the soil before planting next spring.)
It's going to be lovely.
How do YOU go about creating a new flower bed?

Wilson Street

It's been awhile since we stopped in to this beautiful yard
on Wilson Street in Bryan, OH.
  An amazing place - with many beds containing a great variety of plants.
 The gardener was at work, but graciously put aside her hoe
and walked with us, answering questions
 and sharing her knowledge and experience

We found this place quite by accident several years ago
and it's been awhile since we stopped in.
Today, I just had the urge and we made a special trip.
 It was SO worth it.

Prime Time

 I don't believe we've had a more beautiful season than NOW...

Ladies in Waiting

 More than I remember...
and never where I expect them to be.

You Have Not Because You Ask Not

It's a simple flower, I know.....
but I've wanted one of these coneflowers for a long, LONG time.
 Today, while visiting a friend at the lake, I noticed she had a few...
 so I asked if I might have one.
Now I have one - right here in one of my own flower beds!
"You have not because you ASK not."  (James 4:3)

8,000 Words

If one picture is worth a thousand words..