But why so small?
This was the ONLY thing blooming in our yard
on this chilly (and I mean chilly)
spring day! 

Waiting in the Wings....Part II

 What a beautiful morning!
 I ventured out into the back yard for the first time
 since my fall and hip replacement surgery on March 16th.
I was overwhelmed with the beautiful sights of spring
along with the accompanying work required to get things in shape!
 My husband will be doing double duty, I'm afraid.
 So much trimming, cleanup, and setting up to do!

 I'm sure I'll spend several hours today trying to figure out
how I can help without hindering my healing process.

Waiting in the Wings

 Wish I had more to report....
 but basically, it's been too wet to do ANYthing outdoors.
 Meanwhile, these are waiting in the wings--thoughtful gifts from friends
as I recover from a fall & emergency hip replacement.

March 12

Some of the fastest-falling,
wettest and wind-driven snow
of this long winter season...

Barns on the Move

 It really IS quite impossible to get out in our yard yet.
 But at least two times a week I travel to visit my aging parents...
 The miles are basically country miles.
 These are just a few of the barns I passed along one stretch of the road.
 They didn't turn out too bad for taking them out of the (dirty) windows
 of a moving car
 with the camera of my phone!
 When I got home and downloaded them,
 I noticed what a beautiful sky served as background
 to a variety of types, colors and sizes of barns.
 It would be difficult for me to pick a favorite,
but there is something special about the shabby old ones,
I think.

 The snow HAS melted some, but the forecast is for some
very cold weather toward the end of this week.
One of these days, I shall be able to post Scenes in our Garden again!
 'Til then, here are a few more barns photographed
 the next day,
 on an alternate route
 and a cloudier day.
 Same starting point
 and destination, though...
 Not too many near the road
 went un-photographed!
 Each property and barn has its own beauty and personality, I think.
 The End. 

All about the Sky

 A recent morning moon...
 and the sunset this evening...
Until the dirty snow piles melt,
it's all about the sky!

Happy ♥ Day

 First, I heard her.  That unmistakeable, persistent cheep.
I went to get my phone (camera)
and walked slowly to the window.
(Any movement, and she flies!)
Do you see her?
Top, left hand quadrant.
I moved.  She flew.
Minutes later...

Oh, Happy ♥ Day!

I'm SO ready to get outdoors--
just not ready to negotiate the snow banks quite yet.


He's getting REALLY good at this!

Sunday Snow

 These three angles were about my only options for photographs
 from our back door...
There appears to be no end to this snow.