Establishing a baseline

We were about the only thing happening 
at the Allen County Extension Display Garden this afternoon.
The daffodils looked lonely.
I guess the Master Gardeners who tend this interesting space
are still in hibernation mode. 
Still, I'm glad we took advantage of the mild weather
to establish a sort of baseline from which to guage 
and enjoy the progress of the season.

Theirs and Mine

 Paging through a magazine at Barnes & Noble Friday,
 this one (above) caught my attention!
 My one forsythia bush had begun to blossom out - quite prematurely it seems to me.
 I had intentions of forcing a few blooms, but procrastinated.
 Last night the temperatures dropped to 17 degrees, 
 but after letting the bush sun itself a few hours,
 I went out to cut MY version of the arrangement.
 This is the result.  
 I have no idea if I'll see much yellow emerge, but I can dream...
And one day later...

of books and spaghetti squashes

The plan for the first real snow of the season was still in the works for later in the day. My snow shovel was next door. That might come in handy. I went to fetch it and grabbed a spaghetti squash while I was there.

I'm not sure why this descriptive narrative from Outside Clyde grabbed my fancy, but it did. Honestly, I stick my head out the door as little as possible these days here in northeast Indiana.  My gardening efforts having run amuck the season past, what remains "out there" drives  the WINTERchill deeper into my bones and registers lower than the sub-zero WINDchill we're experiencing.

And it's not like I sit here around here planning for spring's gardening activity.  No siree!

In between my newly-acquired enjoyment of meal preparations (encouraged by the arrival of my 90 year old father who has come to live with us) I am content to settle under a warm throw and read

So, while some grab their spaghetti squashes, I grab my book.  See you in the spring!

All Was Right with the World

 While indoor projects have (regrettably) trumped our time and attention
to outdoor projects this season,
 my pleasure in them has not diminished one bit!
Evening hours found me waiting for a ride in front of the house last night,
and for a brief moment I was captivated by the beauty of the beds;
the coolness of the waning summer hours;
the miracles of God's creation.
For those minutes, all was right with the world...


 "If you can dig a hole, you can plant a Star", reads the tag.
 We can, and we did!
The rose was potted and a memorial plant sent by her nieces and nephews
to my mother's funeral.
I ended up being the fortunate recipient of the bush.
We dug the hole this morning at one of the corners of our front porch.
A light drizzle fell on it all day.
I think the white roses will look lovely against the white trim of the porch!

Surprise, Surprise!

Every year brings us unexpected pleasure
as the Naked Ladies/Surprise Lilies/Resurrection Lilies
make their sudden and beautiful entrances in our various beds.

Perrenials in August

  These three photos are evidence
that summer is in its last stages!
...and though odd-appearing as this yesterday,
I expect beauty from them really soon!
A group of us have an annual contest to see whose "naked ladies" make an appearance first.
I think I've won!

Russian Sage

I thought he'd killed it when he cut it back so savagely last fall.
But no.  
Here it is in all its wispy splendor.

17th Annual DeKalb Show Choirs' Garden Walk

Here, in no particular order, are photos from our afternoon walk
 through eight beautiful gardens in Auburn, IN.
 The well-organized event benefits the local Show Choir.
 The weather was near perfect!

 The only thing that could make it better
would be if we won one of the many drawings for plants or garden supplies!

 I especially enjoyed the garden of a friend. 
I hadn't seen it before...
 (I'd love to find a similar holder and feature the variety of small bottles like the one above.)
I like the fact that the Show Choir members are visible at the various sites.
 It was a very good day.

 Note the chandelier here!  It's holding tea cups and pots.

 We returned home with our heads full of ideas to enhance our own yard and flower beds.

 I didn't mention how reasonably priced this garden walk was!
Only $6 if purchased the day of the walk...

 I wish I had more photos of specific features.
I used the camera on my cell phone, and the sunshine kept me from
lining up my photos as nicely as I would have liked.

I'm really happy we made time for this event in our schedule today.

This. And Weeds.

And weeds.  Lots of weeds.

First Day of Summer

He spent the morning weeding and trimming in our beds this morning.
 This clematis is hidden from view from our house, so it wasn't until he sent in the phot
from is cell phone's camera that I realized it was blooming!
 A major chore was accomplished with the trimming of The Three Sisters
as we've come to call these three viburnum bushes growing along our property line.
For better or for worse, this is how we've been trimming them.
Somehow it appeals to us, but the look requires periodic "pedicures"!
In another part of our yard sits this potted tomato plant.
We are very inexperienced in the vegetable-cultivation department.
Maybe that explains our excitement over finding FOUR tomatoes on the vine last Saturday.
Why in the world have we not done this sooner???