Barns on the Move

 It really IS quite impossible to get out in our yard yet.
 But at least two times a week I travel to visit my aging parents...
 The miles are basically country miles.
 These are just a few of the barns I passed along one stretch of the road.
 They didn't turn out too bad for taking them out of the (dirty) windows
 of a moving car
 with the camera of my phone!
 When I got home and downloaded them,
 I noticed what a beautiful sky served as background
 to a variety of types, colors and sizes of barns.
 It would be difficult for me to pick a favorite,
but there is something special about the shabby old ones,
I think.

 The snow HAS melted some, but the forecast is for some
very cold weather toward the end of this week.
One of these days, I shall be able to post Scenes in our Garden again!
 'Til then, here are a few more barns photographed
 the next day,
 on an alternate route
 and a cloudier day.
 Same starting point
 and destination, though...
 Not too many near the road
 went un-photographed!
 Each property and barn has its own beauty and personality, I think.
 The End. 

All about the Sky

 A recent morning moon...
 and the sunset this evening...
Until the dirty snow piles melt,
it's all about the sky!

Happy ♥ Day

 First, I heard her.  That unmistakeable, persistent cheep.
I went to get my phone (camera)
and walked slowly to the window.
(Any movement, and she flies!)
Do you see her?
Top, left hand quadrant.
I moved.  She flew.
Minutes later...

Oh, Happy ♥ Day!

I'm SO ready to get outdoors--
just not ready to negotiate the snow banks quite yet.


He's getting REALLY good at this!