The Rocks Cry Out!

 I'll find another spot for the stone (bottom left) that I removed to make a place for  "Home Sweet Home" ...
...while THIS stone seems comfortable here next to another entrance to our front porch.  I felt blessed to find both of them at a garage sale yesterday for $1@.  I am soothed by the silent messages these rocks convey.  I hope our guests feel the same!

September Sadness

I'm not sure why I was sad as I strolled through our yard this morning...
Could it be the thinning of leaves,
the straggly awkwardness of once-proud perennials,
the strong hints of the coming "deadness" of winter,
or the regrets for things neglected in season past?
The squirrels seem to notice NONE of it - scampering and screeching
far too fast for my camera to catch their activity. 
I'll take a lesson from them and apply myself to tasks at hand today.
Focused, thorough and (hopefully) productive.

At Last! My Asters!

I've longed for some of these blue asters for several years now.  
Finally, this week, I sought information at our local nursery.  
"Technically, they're annuals," I was told.  "But with good root stimulator and winter mulching, mine are in their third year," she added.
Maybe I shouldn't have, but I opted for a smaller container at our Meijer store ($1.99)
and bought two instead of one more expensive one at the nursery...
Planted in the bed directly behind our garage, they share space with these beautiful companions...
wild mums (unshaped with prolific blooms, and sedum--tall and regal).

Labor Day Play

Sunday evening.  Sadly, no pictures of Abigail or Gramma!