No Question About It!

December 26, 2012
Scene from our living room window.
No question about it.  It's winter.

Our Backyard Christmas Cabin

 The sun was already setting when I went out to get this picture this afternoon...
 still you can get the gist of our backyard Christmas cabin.
If you'd like a peek inside, click HERE.
Come on!  I think you'll be surprised.
And Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

 I had the dream for some time but had been too lazy to search 
 out a "proper" branch.
Imagine my happiness to find THIS perfect one
lying across an evergreen tree--
apparently deposited by the wind in a most convenient place for me!
 I placed it in a tree holder I found recently at a thrift store.
 Now it stands on our front porch decked sparingly with a few thrifted ornaments.
Even the "berries" seem suited for the season!
Merry Christmas, my Gardening Friends!

Oh Christmas Tree II

I saw this in a magazine at Barnes & Noble this evening.
I'd sure like to try it!
(Haven't done the previous one yet though...)

Oh Christmas Tree

I think I need to go "harvest" a "tree" !
How cool is this?!?

Sky Watch

That's the moon this morning - down near the end of the road 
as my husband drove to work...
This is the sun setting in front of our house this evening.
What beauty in the sky!

2 Wet 2 Work we wait for a chance to rake leaves, pick up rest of walnuts
cut back the perennials, and put away lawn ornaments.

To Do

OK.  I'm going To Do this myself!
I'll show my personal version when I complete it!
(Like many of the rest of you, we have plenty of
clean up and put-away-for-winter To Do, too!)

Entertained by Change

 The colors of autumn
 tend toward jewel tones here, it seems.
We've been kind of lazy about yard work...
On one of the next warmer days,
 we need to get out and put away lawn ornaments for the winter.
Meanwhile, we are simply entertained by all the changes.

Bumper Crop

One of these things is not like the others,  
One of these things just doesn't belong, 
Can you tell which thing is not like the others  
By the time I finish my song?
 Yes!  I found an Easter egg!
  It's probably been in the flower bed since a late Easter Egg hunt
  when our grandchildren visited.
So far we've gathered 4 wheelbarrows full of walnuts!
What a mess.
A few still remain on the tree.
That's right--ONE tree.
We've had a Bumper Crop for sure!

More Generosity!

I've lived 64 years and never realized sweet potatoes
could grow so large!
 Almost bigger than our generous friend
 who gave it to us.

Harvest Moon in the Morning

Sunday morning view from our front porch...
down and across the street.
No WAY could the camera on my cell phone 
capture its beauty...


Oh. My. Goodness.
I have no idea where to give proper credit except to say it was posted on by 
Jamie M. on a facebook page I subscribe to:  Gardeners around Van Wert.
Once I figure out how to "anchor" it and find suitable doors, 
you can be assured we'll find somewhere to erect something similar in OUR yard!

Scene from a Fire's Side

 Flowers (above).  Better late than never!
 Everywhere, bees!  Do you see the two above?
 'Twas a beautiful evening to warm by a fire of small limbs and branches
 fallen during recent winds and storms.
Across the fire I spied this "shabby" piece of garden art containing three stones
sitting on rickety planks forming a temporary seat on a broken chair.
The number and industry of bees the past couple of days give extra meaning
to the term "worker bees"!
What a delight--to sit by a fire this fine pre-autumn evening...