Oh. My. Goodness.
I have no idea where to give proper credit except to say it was posted on by 
Jamie M. on a facebook page I subscribe to:  Gardeners around Van Wert.
Once I figure out how to "anchor" it and find suitable doors, 
you can be assured we'll find somewhere to erect something similar in OUR yard!

Scene from a Fire's Side

 Flowers (above).  Better late than never!
 Everywhere, bees!  Do you see the two above?
 'Twas a beautiful evening to warm by a fire of small limbs and branches
 fallen during recent winds and storms.
Across the fire I spied this "shabby" piece of garden art containing three stones
sitting on rickety planks forming a temporary seat on a broken chair.
The number and industry of bees the past couple of days give extra meaning
to the term "worker bees"!
What a delight--to sit by a fire this fine pre-autumn evening...