Berry Bearing Bushes and More

 I took time to pose early this morning and snapped a couple of photos while we walked around the yard trying to figure out how to spend the rest of our morning.
I'm curious to know how many times this bush bears berries....They're always so beautiful!  Now I'm in to change into something I can perspire in!  I'm going to be toting branches of the walnut tree my husband is trimming...

He's already trimmed up a large, sprawling bush/tree--identity unknown.  It provided space for a bowling ball tree.  I saw the idea on another blog and will credit it when I can relocate it.  I'll probably also transplant a hosta or two.  I'll keep you posted!

What Remains...What Emerges

What remains of the mulberry tree...
what emerged--almost overnight!

Bits and Pieces

The second tree we had cut down...dying and too close to the garage.
Even in the pieces, beauty.
I took the cushions out for the first time.  I almost forgot I had them.  We're rearranging the chairs on our small patio.  Once it gets cooler, we might actually enjoy it out there! 

The Felling of a Tree

By afternoon, this was all that was left of our mulberry tree.  We will have less mess and more sunlight in the future.  The professionals amazed us with their skill!


A local greenhouse/nursery posted the sign yesterday - "FREE".  A friend saw it on her way to work and called me.  By the time I got there (early afternoon), much of the stock was gone.  I couldn't believe it was for real, but an employee assured me it was!  "One wagon load per customer, please."

If there had been any perennials, they were gone.  But I came home with several healthy-looking geraniums, coleus (only one variety left) and a couple of tomato plants which are planted amidst hosta and sedum in our most sun-lit flower bed.

Too Hot to Handle

My current Garden Reading....

It seems to be hot and humid EVERYwhere!  I find myself moving slower, tiring quicker, and being rather lazy about my flower beds right now.  Meanwhile, I am enjoying a couple of "reads"...  I requested The 3,000 Mile Garden at our local library and am enjoying the correspondence between a Londoner gardener and one from Maine.

When I'm finished, I plan to begin Stillmeadow Daybook.  I don't believe I've read it (but even if I had, I'd enjoy re-reading anything by Gladys Taber).  I purchased this copy at a garage sale this past Thursday.

Do you have a favorite gardening book or author? And how do you spend YOUR hours when the temperatures are "too hot to handle"?

Warrirors of the Garden

 In spite of the dry and hot weather, these plants are performing like warriors!  I was pleasantly surprised by these stalwarts as I walked around the yard with my coffee mug this morning...

The astillbe, sedum and lamb's ear blend almost seamlessly in the eastern-most area of my garden.

Other Peoples' Gardens

 Outside (above) and inside (below).  This garden shed was full of wonders for me!

 This small shed held pool equipment.  Isn't it quaint?
These steps led to a most unusual sunken garden.  White shells line the right side of the stairway.
 Above:  A wonderful display of Russian sage.

Warning! Plenty of Garden Walk Pictures Ahead!

And these were only a FEW of the flowers!
We visited nine Auburn gardens on a beautiful, NW Indiana Saturday morning.
I will show some more pictures of some of the "garden art" and garden structures that I found interesting when I post next.
We came home and "planted" bottles in our OWN garden that evening.

Come a Little Closer....

I can't wait for all the buds to open!  It will take a little more sunshine than we've been having lately!  Actually, we're hoping the dark clouds don't blow past us this evening without giving us some much needed rain!  Rain without wind/lightening/hail damage....

I've Lost My I.D.

Can anyone help me identify the two plants pictured above?  The TOP one propagates itself. rapidly.  I THOUGHT it was supposed to bloom but I'm not sure it does.  It just keeps getting taller and taller...I almost pulled out the second one thinking it was a weed!  Now that it is blooming, I'm curious to know what I have!

These were some other sights around our yard and garden this morning.  The air is muggy and heat is on its way again.  The little rabbit seemed almost tame.  It let me get close to it, then hopped a short distance to this spot of sun where it sat--nose quivering, but still.