A New Suit for the Porch Furniture

I covered the summer-print cushions with inexpensive green and red checked vinyl table clothes, tucked in to make a fit.  I'm not sure how they will winter, but at least I can work with these colors for Christmas decorating purposes.
A closer look...

November 21, 2009

Autumn Rose.  They don't give up easily!

Our bushes have berries!

Getting Ready for Winter

This afternoon I got all the rocks from the rock pile distributed. It didn't look like THAT big of a pile, but I ended up looking for places to put them. This was one solution....a border between the yard and an extra parking area beside our driveway.

It's not always pretty in our yard and garden!  We took advantage of the sunshine and mild weather to stack some yard art.  We'll cover it all with a tarp so it isn't so unsightly.  My hard-working husband used the rain in the rain barrels to wash his car and then turned the rain barrels upside down for the winter.

By Day and By Night

I saw this artificial plant discarded by a trash bin as I drove in the country two days ago.  My husband graciously stopped to pick it up and returned it to our front porch.  Yesterday I strung a $.74 string of orange lights (reduced in price after Halloween).  I am pleased with the look and pleased with the cost.