beauty and the beast

 While the photos of our iris don't require commentary,
 I'll tell you that I'm no expert when it comes to pruning!
The "after photo" below shows the unidentified bush after its haircut.
It also is instructive as it shows several errant branches that remain.
It was a beautiful day for yard work!
My husband mowed the lawn and
 also finished the staining of our back deck...


 A little debate ensued after I posted the up-close photo
 of the single blue flower (below) on my facebook page
and called it bee balm.
 Apparently it isn't.  
I could use an expert to weigh in and confirm that it may be Bachelor's Button.
Trying to look it up on the internet only confused me.
It says it is an annual.  However, I know this blooms every year.
With no help from me!

come a little closer

 a little

This viburnum (?) bush/trimmed tree-like keeps us guessing!
It changes it clothes so frequently we lose track of WHEN it wears WHAT.
It's particularly beautiful right now...

spring is bustin' out all over

 An early morning stroll,
 coffee mug in hand,
 these were the sights that met my eye.
 Not so different from other springs....
 except multiplied by at least three or four!
EVERYthing has multiplied in number
 or increased in size, it seems.
I guess that's the way it is with perennials!

at last

 Beauty.  Spectacular and Scent-sational!
If only it was not so short-lived...

the view

The view.  From our yard to the one next door.
Do you see the challenge?
Any suggestions?


Already a sight.
Almost a fragrance.