Outside In

  They caught my eye last week while walking...
and I couldn't resist bringing the outside in.
Velvety to the touch,
it holds on to its secret and promise
with rugged tenacity.

Bed Rest

"Bed Rest" occurred to me as a great title for a blog post
 one day while backing out of the driveway.
 This morning I remembered the idea
 (again while backing out of the driveway, I believe).
 The upper 60 degree temperatures  today
 were the impetus to be sure these photos got taken!
 Thanks to my husband,
 we have now documented
 the status of our flower beds at rest.
 Clearly, our gardening skills are not up to par with 
REAL gardeners!
 And clearly we ran out of steam
 before autumn chores were complete.

A Winter Walk

 A near-perfect day for a housewalk
 through this lovely neighborhood.
 Carolers sang.
 Christmas colors and decor abounded.
 Behind this door - wonderful refreshments
and artwork created by artists in the neighborhood.
 I didn't feel quite as free to take photographs of the interiors
 but trust me when I say they were every bit as charming as the exteriors!

Most years, we have opted for the evening walk,
but this year I attended The Messiah and so we waited for this afternoon's edition.
As it turned out, it was a fine alternative!  
The Williams Woodland Holiday Tour is one of our favorite activities
of the Christmas season.

By Day & By Night

By day...
by night!
There is no season we fail to be charmed/interigued by this yard and  its flower beds.
Yesterday was no exception.