What a Difference a Day Makes...

There's less humidity in our air this morning...
the temperature is cooler, too.
SO different from yesterday when picking a small bouquet
for a luncheon table was all I could handle outside!
My husband is out mowing the lawn for the second time this week!

Outside IN

 It's just been too muggy and too hot to spend much time outdoors.
Except for a quick check on my Surprise Lilies and lamenting the weeds that 
proliferated thanks to the most recent rain,
I've pretty much stayed inside.
This morning, the ladies who gathered at my table for our
"Home Connection" agreed that the summer has been about
as bad as winter -- as far as not being nice to be outside!
It didn't stop me from bringing a little of the outside inside though.
Here, Rose of Sharon, Russian sage and some black-eyed Susans.

Exciting Times!

 After an enthusiastic rain this morning,
my husband went out to mow the lawn this afternoon.
Its growth had been rapidly accelerated by the recent
(and desperately needed) rains.
He came into the house to announce the sprouting
of several "surprise lilies"!
I went out to take these pictures of some of my favorite flowers!
Very soon, they will have popped up
(and I mean as much as 3' up)
all over several of our flower beds.
Exciting times!!!!

Copy Cat

 If you saw the post before THIS one,
 you'll understand the title, "Copy Cat".
 I couldn't help myself!
 It's too hot to get anything going in the flower beds at this point...
 but perfect weather for paint-curing!
 So here's what I did yesterday.
It's all hanging or setting on one side of our shed.
And I'm thoroughly pleased with our Copy Cat Yard Art!

Garage Sale turns Garden Walk

 We saw a garage sale sign
 and followed it to Linda's home.
 That would be Linda of Landscapes by Linda.
 Her landscape art was for sale,
 and she generously let us roam her incredible cottage-style yard and gardens.
 She told us that much of her For Sale items
sold yesterday.
 We hope to get a "heads up" about her next one!
 Of course, I asked before I took all these pictures...
 I was flabbergasted!
 I chattered all the way home.
 I was amazed at how much she packed into a relatively small space.

 Needless to say, I returned home with ideas to incorporate into OUR yard.
 For right now, though, all I can think about is Linda's talent,
 friendliness, generosity,
 and creativity!
 My wheels are spinning!

A Season on the Brink

 Exactly WHAT season
and what brink
I'm not sure...
But this IS the scene in our garden as we begin the
fourth straight day of four-digit-temperatures.
(I've accidentally deleted pictures of the storm damage
from last week.  Don't have the energy to go back
and re-enter them.)
Meanwhile, only the strong survive!