What Gardener Worth His Salt Sits?

Sitting in your garden is a feat to be worked at with unflagging determination and single-mindedness - for what gardener worth his salt sits down.  I am deeply committed to sitting in the garden.-  Mirabel Osler

Having read that, I feel less embarrassed by the number of seats we have in our yard and garden!
Dare I confess, we have a few more than these?!

He Did - She Did

He did.  Hung these shutters on the shed
and rear garage window (in the cool of the evening).
She did earlier (in the cool of the morning)...
Trimmed a couple of TALL bushes and transplanted these hosta and a fern behind the shed.

In the Cool of the Day

...the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day...Genesis 3:8
This bush was full of buds this morning!  If you recognize it, I'd sure appreciate knowing what it is!  The full bush is to the left on the photo below...
Beardstooth (above and below) is one of my husband's favorite plants.
Other sights around our yard include a pair of these large wrought iron candle holders...the washtub hanging on our cabin, a double-heart wind chime,
these chairs that never seem to weather themselves out...
and a few more miscellaneous items....
I couldn't resist taking yet another picture of the clematis - flowers vying with unopened blossoms for space on their support.
How about this for clutter?  This area is beside our garage.  It has been too wet to do much here.
Well, that's my excuse anyway.  Looks like the Lamb's Ear is about ready to flower.
Now--to the work while it is still cool enough to do it!

What a Difference the HEAT Makes!

I confess I'm a bit of a fair-weather gardener.  I don't like to perspire.  It has turned quite hot here - 90 degrees accompanied by Indiana humidity.  When my husband came in from mowing the lawn today he said this may be as good as our yard will look for awhile.  It is starting to show signs of dryness/distress.  The cool and wet spring has resulted in quick growth for our perennials.  It will be interesting to see how they handle the abrupt heat we've been having the past few days. 

The white roses have started to bud and blossom.  I have always liked their contrast with the cabin backdrop.  When I find my plant tag, I'll identify the flowering ground cover (aha! Lamium maculatum 'White Nancy')  in the bottom pictures.  It was new last year and I don't remember it flowering.  I'm delighted!  I was attracted to it because of the variegated leaves...the flowers add to the pleasure. It grows in the bed shown just above the two pictures (to one side of our house).  

I'm happy the two Russian sage plants I planted last year are doing so well.  I was sorry to lose several plants a couple of years ago when new sidewalks were installed in front of our home.  I tried (unsuccessfully) to transplant a few and ended up purchasing the two in the second picture from the top.

What a Difference a Day Makes!

  This - the bush that hasn't budded for several years.  We were SO close to removing it!

While I Was Away

I've lost the identifying tag for the perennial above.  Every year it grows larger.  The delicate yellow flowers are delightful!  Can you help me with its name?
So many buds opened while I was in Chicago Sunday through Tuesday!  It was exciting to come home and stroll our yard and see the scene my husband had described over the phone!

Garden Miscellany

When my husband finished mowing last night, he called me out to the back of our property where we'd planted a small clematis start last fall.  Sure enough!  Its flowers equaled those I had discovered by our back patio earlier in the day.  On the way, I saw the first rose!  It, too, was on a transplanted bush.  It looks more like ground cover than bush.  I wonder how to get it moving UPwards?
Out in the far corner grows this bush.  It was ours for the digging several years ago.  It looks like it is some sort of "weeper".  If you have any idea what kind of bush it is, I'd welcome an identification!
(I guess I COULD thumb through my garden books to see if I could find out myself.)  These are probably about 1/10th of books I've purchased at garage sales and thrift stores over the years.
I have a small collection of heart-shaped rocks, too.  Last year, some innocent children began tossing them into a rock pile elsewhere on our property.  I was only able to retrieve six or seven of them.