End of June

 In between rains
 (storms, actually)
 weeds and flowers
 grow here with abandon.
 It's next to impossible to keep up.
I'm itching to get my hands (gloves, actually) on the thistles 
and volunteer trees taking up space in our flower beds!

Theirs and Ours

 These two (separate) shade gardens were the inspiration for 
one of our own that I am slowly developing.
 Here, below, is ours...
 I'm not planning a lot - just sticking in hosta, sedum, fern and heuchera as I go.
The wet weather has been favorable to my random planting.
In another year or two, this shade bed will be full and running over!

Between Rains

Between rain (and LOTS of it)
we've mowed every chance we get
and weeded and weeded and weeded!
I transplanted a few hosta and other plants
to create a shade garden under a large viburnum "tree".
One of these days I 'll take a photo of the bed
along with my "inspiration photos".

Quiet Corner

 Greeted by this sign along the parking lot -
a precursor somehow to the serenity of the wild, welcoming 
 Its tearooms offer sandwiches, soups, quiches and desserts
all delicious and freshly made.
We chose to eat in the smaller, older of the two rooms
where we looked out to the trails and watched birds come and go at the feeders. 
 After lunch, a stroll along the trails..
 Accompanied by our guide, Duke.
 A few sights along the trail...

and then we reluctantly returned to our car for the ride home.
Quiche it was for me followed by strawberry/rhubarb pie.
For the Main Gardener, chicken salad on wheat, a hearty vegetable soup with rivels
and Snicker cake.

A Formidable Task

 What a formidable challenge he faced!
 Undaunted, he dug in...
 Bedsides weeds, the size of perennials required ruthless thinning.
 Strength, patience and perserverence
 are words I use to describe my husband at so MANY levels!

Weed and Read

 Some of the FIRST blooms of the season are the most exciting ones to me.
 I try to enjoy them in spite of the fact that the weeds are multiplying
faster and farther than I remember them doing other years.
Our weather overall has seemed very cool and very wet 
which no doubt contributes to their abundance.
Last night, my Main Gardener and I sat and read for a short while.
The storm clouds were moving toward us, and when the wind
started to pick up, we resumed our reading inside.

green, green, it's green they say....

 Rains have finally ceased enough to allow some serious weeding!
 G. took these photos after working one bed
 to document progress, I think.
 I came home to admire his work
and was enchanted by the flowering of the bush-trimmed tree-like (below).
Green, green!  It IS green.