not everyone's cup of tea

They may not be EVERYone's "cup of tea", 
but these spiderwort thrill me with their blue and wild appearance.
They seem perfectly placed around the old wood of a lilac bush in one of our flower beds.
 And finally,
a rose campion!  
Years ago, in another time and another place,
I had some.
Now, here.
And I remember why I liked them.

Memorial Day 2017

 After storms and more rain yesterday,
 my husband kept busy cleaning out his shed
 and pulling weeds to prepare for this new cover of mulch.
 Definitely a full and productive day!

Several additional pieces of yard art were uncovered in the shed.
I found places for them!


It was time for a haircut! 
So we began with THIS one - beginning at the ground and working up.
Still have a bit of trimming of the tops to do....
and will add mulch to the newly-exposed ground,
but SO pleased with the result.
Maybe a hosta or two to help fill in the bare spots,
but I suspect it will only be a matter of time until the Lily of the Valley claim this space!

May Day

 These tulips were rather late in coming
only to be beat upon by the recent hard rains and winds.
 Sorry to have been able to enjoy them for such a short time...
Meanwhile, I'm eager for the sunshine to be matched by temperatures
warm enough to actually sit outside and enjoy it!
May Day it is...and the sun is having a difficult time trying to decide
whether to shine or hide!