Another Day/Another Garden

 Thinking we would see progress at the local County Extension Garden,
we were met by only Nature's progress.
Apparently, the Master Gardeners responsible for maintaining this garden
are still busy in their personal gardens...
 Nature, however, did not disappoint.

The Lilac Department was especially glorious!

We'll return soon. 
Meanwhile, my husband is out early mowing the yard
before the rains expected the next two days...
I'll pull a few more dandelions and transplant a few more hosta 
to a a flowerbed freshly groomed yesterday.
What's keeping YOU occupied in YOUR garden?

while strolling through the park one day

 Foster Park, Fort Wayne, IN
 One of my two favorite parks in the city system of parks.

 We shared the walk with my 90 year old father
whose pleasure was evident.

April 22

 A newly transplanted heuchera blows in the breeze....
 while other perennials bloom heartily.

It's been a cool but productive day in the flower beds today.

Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures really ARE the best!
First bouquet of the season picked to send home with my sister..

More Scenes

After selling a set of four chairs (two of which sat in this location),
I asked my husband to make a seat for the chair and top for the little table--
which he did in timely fashion.
I decided against paint, preferring the rust and natural appearance of these pieces.
I'm a happy camper!
As I was photographing them, 
I noticed the blossoms on the bleeding heart plant nearby.
I'm curious to know if a smaller plant I transplanted last year (I think)
will bloom this year.
So far, no...

busy hands are happy hands

After sanding, a mixture of boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits
will be applied to some aged-wood outdoor furnishes
to make them last for another season.
Keeps the men in our household busy--
and busy hands are happy hands!

First We Mow

April 8, 2017
Finally dry enough to get the job done.
What a perfect day for outdoor work--
even if the flower beds were a little too wet to work in...