His, Mine, Ours

Photos from our phones' cameras this morning...
His, mine, ours.
Mostly his.

A Big Deal

 We're taking our gardening to a whole new level!
Planted "fruit" today! 
It's staked, watered, and ready to grow!
(I know.  This is elementary.  But it's a big deal to us.)


Though not my favorite color of iris,
as I told one friend,
"Beggars can't be choosers!"
I was gifted with these and must admit
they are cheerful!

Spring in the Extension Garden

 It appeared that the Master Gardeners had been busy back in their OWN flower beds!
(But then, it IS early.)
 In spite of some obvious maintenance still to be done,
there was enough to catch my interest.
I think every year the delicate blue flowers of the Bugloss catches my eye...
and every year I fail to add it to our personal collection!
 I have NO idea what the purple flower above is..
and below  Bugloss from another angle.
 When I got home, I went to our flower bed to see if our iris were blooming yet.
 They weren't.
All in all, a pleasurable way to spend an almost perfect spring morning!