A One-Stop Garden Walk

and personal yard and gardens to the public,
 it's like visiting TEN yards in one!
 Granted, I have too many pictures in this post,
 but you should see what I left out!
 Ideas abounded!
 Much of the yard art was available for purchase in the shoppe.

 So caught up in the awesomeness of the place
 was I that I didn't get a picture of the generous refreshments
the Browns served the guests!

 There were many, many vignettes such as these throughout the rural property...

 I was strangely attracted by these slices of logs 
surrounded by grass so appropriatedly trimmed.

 How about these lavender beds?!?

All in all, our time there was happily spent.
(As for the maintenance involved, I can only imagine1)

Home Again, Home Again

 After a few days in the city, I returned home eager to see if any of my lilies were open.
The rain had already started to fall,
 but I was able to photograph THIS one--
 apparently the first and only one so far!
 I noticed a couple of other of my favorite perennials
 looking full and fine.

My observations were cut short by a determined rain.
We've certainly had our share the last few days!
No complaints.

Today in 11,000 Words

 If one picture is worth 1,000 words....
then eleven would be worth 11,000.  Right?