Sunday Evening Scene

 After a full day shared with our church "family",
we enjoyed a few minutes of reading on the 
rescued wooden glider on our back patio.
 I'd brought out the two asters I'd purchased for $1.99
at our Meijer store earlier today where I'd gone
to develop a couple of pictures of the day's activities.
 I remembered that I'd planted an aster a couple of years ago.
I left my book to see if it was blooming and found it
almost hidden behind some large sedum!
On the way to find the aster, I noticed the barren spot (above).
Note to self:  Do SOMEthing with this area.  Soon!
The sedum are HUGE!  This particular group is the one
hiding the aster....
Heading back to my seat, I noticed the sky had darkened enough
that the solar light had come on.
It was the perfect (artificial) foil for the white blooms of this hosta....
Our Sunday evening scene - peaceful, serene, and totally relaxing.

scene in THEIR garden

Tonight we enjoyed a stroll in the Allen County Extension Gardens
on the IPFW campus.   What a FINE garden!
The Master Gardeners responsible for this wonderful place
have done an extraordinary job caring for the 
flowers in this particularly challenging summer...

The Seasons...They Are A-Changin'

 Cooler weather
 means more time outside for me.
 I enjoy the changes
 since we've been visited by some good rains
 interspersed with sunshine.
Our plants and flowering shrubs seem about as confused
 as I have felt with this summer's weather!
 In spite of the confusion - BEAUTY triumphs!

The Blues

 I found this blue bird while stopping at garage sales
along State Road 101 yesterday.
 He will take his place among the other shapes and forms 
 that adorn our "blue tree"!

 It seems I've lost one or two.
We've had some strong winds this summer.
No telling WHERE they ended up!