February Eve

 Sunny and mild.  Odd.
 It's hard to know how to decorate.
 If you look closely below, you can see a spring bulb "hatching" under the stork!
HERE it is!
Such a delight to be out and about this February Eve.

Views from the Front Porch

I cut back only a few perennials in the fall.
Winter wouldn't be as beautiful without them!

The Inside Scoop

 a curiously healthy poinsettia purchased by my husband at Aldi's 
and watered twice since purchased w-a-y before Christmas...
...a forlorn and forgotten Christmas cactus 
and not a bit bigger than when it came home with me
a year ago (maybe TWO years ago)...
...a fine plant that also thrives on neglect.
That's the inside scoop.
(You're probably wondering why I have a "gardening" blog.)
And outside it's going to get up to 50 degrees today!
I feel like I ought to be planting some spring vegetables.
I'm so confused.  I wonder how the critters feel?