march goes out...

 I know that so many people have lilacs.
 For me, I can't get enough of them.
 The sight of them amazes me every spring.
 It's as though I see them for the first time each new year.
 The weather has turned very, very cool.
 I took our grandchildren to our favorite nursery yesterday.
 It was almost too cool to enjoy it.
 I DID get the two of them to pose on the bridge.
 Just look at those beautiful flowering trees behind them!

Getting There

 The Circle of Friends
reassembled and tweeked for Spring/Summer 2012!
 I have an idea.
 I think we'll move our semi-dilapidated fire pit
 to the center of the Circle of Friends...
 (after cleaning it up, of course).
We're getting there.

Record High Temperature Today

 Walking to the post office this morning...
 this scene at the bank.
How beautiful-- this 87 degree day in N.E. Indiana!


Spring is just around the corner.
so we're having a party!
A "Come-As-You-Are" party.
 Look who all is coming!
I'm expecting many, many more.
Guess I should get busy tidying up a bit!

In Like a Lion...

...or so it seems. Wind blew hard all night. It's still dark, so I can't see if there is pick up to do. Thankfully, we haven't had the tornadoes or damaging straight winds that other parts of the country have been plagued with!