The Beautiful, The Latest, The Closest (so far)

We arrived just after sunrise.
It was drizzling just enough that a rainbow formed to greet us!
Gary ran back to get our umbrella after starting the trail.  
Just in case....
In spite of the season, there seemed to be more variation in this particular preserve
than a few of the others we've explored.
Lacking?  Large trees.
No matter.
The trail was well mowed and curved invitingly along the way.

Wildflowers were still present, though fading.
We've already promised ourselves to return at various times throughout the year.
It may be the closest of the Acre Land Trust properties to our home!

Another Day; Another Trail

  Another day...
another trail.



For years, my flowerbeds have been filled by dividing and transplanting what exists.
I've had one lavender plant which I've enjoyed immensely but have never figured out how to divide.
Some time ago, I was lamenting this fact to a friend--the kind of friend who listens well
and takes mental notes.
Imagine my surprise and pleasure to receive these two clumps of healthy lavender 
from her own yard!
My dilemma?
Finding "just the right spot" for it.  Good drainage and at least 8 hours of sun--
both rare here at Gatescroft.
I can't put off this decision much longer.  The lavender is getting restless!