of books and spaghetti squashes

The plan for the first real snow of the season was still in the works for later in the day. My snow shovel was next door. That might come in handy. I went to fetch it and grabbed a spaghetti squash while I was there.

I'm not sure why this descriptive narrative from Outside Clyde grabbed my fancy, but it did. Honestly, I stick my head out the door as little as possible these days here in northeast Indiana.  My gardening efforts having run amuck the season past, what remains "out there" drives  the WINTERchill deeper into my bones and registers lower than the sub-zero WINDchill we're experiencing.

And it's not like I sit here around here planning for spring's gardening activity.  No siree!

In between my newly-acquired enjoyment of meal preparations (encouraged by the arrival of my 90 year old father who has come to live with us) I am content to settle under a warm throw and read

So, while some grab their spaghetti squashes, I grab my book.  See you in the spring!