Forest Park Boulevard Yards/Gardens

(Above) This is a silver maple tree - at least 200 years old, we were told!


(Above)  We learned the pink tree seen here and in another photo are beech trees.  
We saw several while on tour and thought them most attractive.

The day was hot and humid.  We navigated eleven of the twelve homes and gardens open to the public before the rain set in.  It was a lovely and local way to spend the morning.  Hampered by heat and encumbered by cane, phone (camera) and the housewalk program/ticket, I didn't begin to take photos of everything that caught my attention!

Garden Tours - Real and Virtual

 It's too hot and humid to do much.  I'm kind of a wimp that way....
Anyway, I'm having too much virtual fun touring gardens with the West Coast Contingency!
Here and Here!
How I wish I could have been at this study weekend/tour with them...
Meanwhile, these two photos of stalwart plants 
from our simple space brought me pleasure this morning.
AND in a few minutes, we're off to The City for a real Garden Tour ourselves!
We'll be packing plenty of water and wearing loose clothing!


Inspired (as usual) by my daily fix at the Tangly Cottage Gardening Journal
which included the photo of a sweet bouquet, 
I headed out to see what I could find to assemble one for the Salad & Dessert Luncheon
I will host at noon.
 I don't have NEARLY the variety or amount of flowers to choose from,
but  I'm pleased with the randomness that resulted!
I'm not sure the clematis will survive its cut-flower status,
but for the moment, I will enjoy it.
I'm not sure WHY it takes an "occasion" (or a prompt)
for me to remember to bring flowers inside...

Everything is Beautiful....

Everything is its own way.

It's OUR Turn

Seems everything is a little slower on our property....
but it finally IS our turn to bloom!
We had really cut back these rose bushes along side one side of our sleeping cabin out back...
My!  How they bloom...

Garden Tour/Perennial Sale

 It was advertised as a perennial plant sale and was accompanied by
an invitation to view the rock garden in the back yard.
How could we resist?!?
 It was an enjoyable excursion at so many levels....
Ideas galore!
I came home with three new plants AND a determination
to be sure to get to this sale on its first day next year!


 Perennials romp in all the flowerbeds on our little property.
 As I looked at them this morning over a cup of coffe
(1/2 Folgers Gourmet and 1/2 Hazelnut cream decaf),
I realized the commonality of our plantings...
 Hosta and sedum seem to be comfortable bedfellows....
and we have several varieties of both.
"Don't mess with success," is my gardening mantra.

Diversion & Definition

 Friday afternoon, our diversion was a walk along the River Greenway.
(One could wish the river wasn't so brown....but it is what it is.)
The scenic paved pathway is appreciated by bikers and walkers alike.
 I took THESE  three photos from the bench I warmed while my husband
walked a bit further (path can be seen to far right above...).
The sky was unusually beautiful above the tree tops.
Returning home, my husband turned his energies toward definition--
 Few things are more attractive than a newly-defined (and weeded) flower bed!
 and this one was not an exception!
My part?  To admire and transplant a heuchera
I found under an overpowering hosta in another flower bed.  
I was actually able to divide it into three - two of them seen below.

43rd Anniversary

 This is how we spent the early part of our 43rd wedding anniversary evening. 
Having celebrated a day early with a meal at our favorite restaurant,
we pulled some of our lighter lawn chairs together 
and spent some lovely time reading our novels....
A beautiful way to spend a beautiful evening.