Friday Night

 ...a little bit of edging...
 a littler bit of harvesting...
(Yes! For all the vine, only these two squash!)
and a LOT of beauty...
some of the "last roses of summer"
in a parking lot across the street from our house.

one of these days

 It seems like months ago that we took apart an old baby crib
 and got creative in one of our flower beds.
 A family emergency has interrupted the efforts to apply final touches
to this area,
 but we'll get to it
 one of these days...
Till then, our only outside activity might be relaxing
by our fire pit as we did a few evenings ago...

West Central Neighborhood "Walk"

 Today's House and Garden Walk included many interiors...
 Several were quite remarkable...
 but it was the gardens that REALLY caught our fancy!
 Even the tree-lined streets we walked were special.
 We came home eager to create some new scenes in our garden.
 Maybe even paint our own Adirondack chairs????

After a fine meal at Casa D'Angelo's

 and putting our feet up for a bit, 
we DID tweak one of our flower beds a bit!
Stay tuned.

Changing of the Guard

I saw the idea for the square wooden pumpkins on a facebook page...
decided to try my hand at them.
I need to refine my rafia skills and could have bought some "real" orange paint
instead of mixing my own....but still, I think I'll find a place for them
on our front porch.  Stay tuned.
Meanwhile, grass withers, leaves fall, and flowers fade...


 The shepherd hooks and piece of rust (above)
were garage sale purchases that will find their special place
in our flower beds - SOMEwhere...
 A leisurely walk-around this afternoon
confirmed the fact that things are dry in northeast Indiana.
 The aggressive ground cover seems undaunted by the dryness
but has failed to choke a young yucca (below).
 Sun is setting, casting shadows on the picket fence
that is patiently bearing the rusty, barbed-wire wreath.

Trios of concrete mushroom and birdhouses
stand unaffected by the dryness.
I guess that's why I like the garden art that is scattered about our lawn and flowerbeds.