One Sunday in September

 Our county's extension garden provided us with
a visual feast this Sunday afternoon!
 It felt like summer's grand finale
 with such a profusion of colors and stages!

 Some beds were a bit garbled
while some blooms stood out calling for attention.

 Whether big and bold
or delicate and fine...
 we were intrigued by the beautiful blooms on every hand.

 The sorghum and Lion's Tail below provided some comic relief
as we wandered this local favorite of ours...
maybe for the last time this season.

Happy Trails

 The purple asters greeted us as we left our car to begin 
our first September walk on this trail.
Goldenrod and thistle were in bloom
 and look at the busy bees -- above and below!
 Not sure what THESE are....
 but it was hard not to recognize these dandelion!
 They grew to great heights - as tall as 3'!
Except for the burrs that clung to my clothes
and getting a bit lost on the trail,
it was a FINE afternoon.
I look forward to walking many more nature preserve trails this month.