Heralds of Spring

Spring seems to be taking SO long to bloom here!
Our yard and flower beds are still too wet to work in...
but on my short walk to the Post Office this morning,
I saw these sights.
I'd REALLY like to tidy up the robin's nest!
Her presence has evidently discouraged any new posts on the bulletin board!

Could This Be Spring?

 Finally!  Time to trim back winter's deadness!  I had such good help!
 Nothing much is blooming yet except the wild violets...

 The children enjoyed the sunshine...chalk pictures on the driveway.

Farewell to Dreams

 I'm putting away winter magazines. 
It's hard for me to say "good-bye" to this beautiful scene.
 I don't have enough windows to house such a collection of houseplants,
but I can always dream!
All I'd need is a good book or two or a stack of gardening magazines...
Alas!  It's time to say "farewell to dreams" and get out the garden tools!

Prepping for Spring

This afternoon my husband turned over this entire area --
by hand (well, spade).  
Last autumn, he piled leaves on top of newspaper and kept it wet. 
It turned over fairly easily.
(You can see a few pieces of newspaper that didn't decompose.) 
Our plan is to break up these clods a little better, smooth out the area, 
and then cover with mulch.  
We'll set a couple of Adirondack chairs here 
along with a few other items of interest...maybe our fire pit?
Forecast is for warm weather soon.  Just not yet. First some wind and rain.

Dwarfed and Timid

Dwarfed and timid, these were the only flowers showing up in our flower beds this morning.
I don't blame them!  It is downright COLD out there!
It's very hard to be patient.


I looked out our window toward the WEST this morning before church.
Seeing this scene, I went to the front porch to be closer to the beauty.
My small cellphone camera did its best to capture the red of the trees 
as they blushed in the light of the sunrise.  
It was SO beautiful.   It took my breath away. 

Real or Best April Fools Prank in the Garden World

What do YOU think?  Can it be?  I'd be SO excited if this is true!
Melissa is so Down To Earth!
Is she also a prankster of major proportion???
I can't wait to hear more.
Click on the title of her blog above to find out what it's all about.