Preparing the Way for Spring!

Our arbor had fallen twice during the winter months.  The second time we let it rest.  Yesterday was a g-l-o-r-i-o-u-s day of warmth and sunshine, so we spent some time in the yard.   Gary righted the arbor and braced it securely (he said).  Hopefully the rose bushes we transplanted last autumn will grow at either side this summer.
Saint Francis also spent a good part of the winter on his face.  While cutting off some of the dry flowers of sedum and coneflowers which we'd deliberately left standing in winter, we stood him up, too.  I corralled several rocks and stones that had wandered, tossed into the yard along with the snow when walks and driveway were cleared.

I fear I already see signs of a very active mole.  This is disappointing since we haven't found an effective way to eliminate these critters that do such damage to a lawn.  Oh well, I won't let that dampen the joy of being in the sunshine and following the invitation and promise of spring to be out and about in our flowerbeds.


In spite of the forecast ("We will have to wait until Thursday or Friday for sunshine"), by late morning yesterday shadows suddenly appeared out of nowhere!  I don't remember which I saw first--shadows or sunshine.  It doesn't matter, really.  The fact is they appeared together, because it takes sunshine to produce shadows!

I happily walked to a friend's home for our Monday prayer/chat/tea time around 2:30 p.m..  This was the sight through my camera lens--the sun shining through the branches of the tree on the northeast side of our property.
For EVERYTHING there is a season...Ecclesiastes 3:1


Honestly, I'm very weary of winter.  I looked out the back door in hopes of sighting a little sunshine this morning, but was disappointed that the dawn of March didn't bring with it very many evidences of spring-to-come.  This large pine tree grows tall toward the sky beside our deck toward sun that MUST come out of hiding eventually...