Happy Trails to You

 It's not such a long trail...
 just right for working off a little energy before bedtime!
This wetland/prairie habitat
 seemed especially beautiful tonight.
 It's in a town near us - about a 6 mile drive.

 Except for one group of bicycle riders, we had the path to ourselves.

July 27

 Sadly, ants had had their way with this beautiful butterfly before I found it.
Still I couldn't resist a picture. 
 Toward the end of the day, driving toward our house, the
golden hue of the black-eyed Susans really caught my eye.
My photos don't do them justice;
but seeing these images, I realize our trees desperately need trimmed.
Weather has been almost autumn-like.  Pleasant days.  Cool nights.
So lovely...

AGORA on Waldo's Hill

 Only halfway through my "tour" of AGORA yesterday
did I realize I had something blurring my camera lens.
 Oh, well.  I did my best to edit the photos to show
features that caught my eye in the landscape that surrounds 
this new coffee shoppe/gathering spot in Antwerp, OH.
 Casual and rustic are two words I'd use to describe it--
both of which are right up my alley!
 The steps lead up to two lovely get-away bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.
The view from the top was lovely.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it.

Flowers, shrubs, trees and plants tell such a tale;
make a statement; build anticipation; set the tone...
all without making a sound.
 I wish Cindy and her shoppe much success.  I hope to return frequently 
 to watch the development of the sweet yard & gardens.


 I did a bit of gathering before the "hot heat" (TV Weatherman's term)
gets overpowering today...

Technically, it was too late to gather the lavender.
It had dried on the plant.
Still there was a bit of fragrance to it...

Fire in July

 It was an incredible evening - pleasantly cool.
A fire was the ideal place to enjoy the company of a visiting relative.

I Couldn't Help Noticing...

 ...that the Rose of Sharon bush is blooming
 ...how tall the day lilies are
 ...the way lavender and orange complement each other
 ...the variety of lilies I had forgotten in our flower beds
 ...the way bee balm is blooming again
 ...how fast these black-eyed Susans spread
(and that I don't remember if that's really what they actually are)
...the berries (or are they "hips") forming on a viburnum bush.

What are YOU noticing in YOUR yard or garden today?

Unsophisticated Splendor

I stepped outside into temporary sunshine to check the rain gauge.  
Another 2" of rain has fallen here with more forecast for the next three days!
I couldn't help but notice the unsophisticated splendor of the hosta...
 right "up there" with the unsophisticated assemblage on our front porch!
I had to document even MORE unsophisticated potential 
represented by this first of a multitude of flowers waiting in the wings!
What Unsophisticated Pleasures do YOU enjoy in your garden?

Critters and Creatures

This critter is what started the wheels turning in my mind this morning...
I went out to find yet another 1.5" of rain had fallen during the night
 One thing led to another.
 Before long, I think I had photographed about every
reptile, bug, or mammal artificially posed in our yard.
(Well, not the cat or cardinals which have already
had their "day in the sun" in this blog....)

 Several showed signs of washed up dirt - 
indicating the force of the rain that fell during the night.
Others hung high enough to avoid the mud bath.

I'm not sure where to safely place THIS latest craft project of mine.
I'd purchased the bunny in its unfinished condition many moons ago
 and only yesterdayapplied some pale green stain, tacked in some eyes,
and strung beads and a bell around its neck.
WhereEVER the bunny lands, I think he'll find company.
What critters inhabit YOUR garden spaces?

Gatescroft in July

 Extremely wet weather has made it difficult
 to keep up with weeds and trimming around Gatescroft!
 The result is rather wild-looking flower beds,
 mushrooms in the yard, and grass that is too long!
 If it doesn't rain today, it ought to be perfect conditions for some serious weed-pulling,
 and hopefully my husband will be able to get the lawn mowed after work!

It's pleasantly cool this morning as we assess the tasks piling up for us!
For some reason, this morning was the first I realized that I've lost
 at least a couple of astilbes, a blue aster and some liatris (which were hard to
keep thinned out last year).  This makes me sad.
Oh well.  At least the Russian sage is growing enthusiastically.