July Ends at the Extension Garden

  Friday evening, July 31st
 Such a beautiful place to stroll; to learn; to linger...
 Nothing stays the same here.
July ends in great form - blue skies, gentle breeze!


The Rest of the Story

 Saturday, we headed out early to avoid the predicted heat
to take in Rockin' It in a town north of us.
 While the rocking chairs, painted by local artists, were cleverly done
and unique in their designs,
 it was ultimately the flowers along the way that captured my heart.

 Kudos to whoever maintains the beautiful planters around the courtyard square!
 They are worth the drive just to enjoy their beauty!
 If you're interested in seeing the rocking chairs, 
check out my post in Thrifty Style at Sixty-Six.


 Seems to me the hosta flowers  in the front of our house
are leaning more than other years....
Maybe because of the size of them?

Old Blue Eyes

 It's old.  It's rusted.
It is (at least) a second-hand item,
and I'm sure it was inexpensive in the first place.
It's been hanging around Gatescroft for several years.
The wind had twisted it until it could barely chime.
If you only knew how long it took my husband
to untangle the strings!
Anyway, we're back in business.
Don't you love the blue eyes?
Some of my favorite yard art is old and rusty.

Day's End

 "Come stroll with me," he invited.
 I couldn't resist. 
 New blooms, berries and weeds greeted us along with mosquitoes.
Pleasant ending to a pleasant day.
Hubby took THIS photo.  I call it "Perfect Imperfection"


Late Monday afternoon..
the process began.
 The woman's work was to rescue the random stalks 
of hosta from under the pitchfork-tossed mulch.

Two flower beds completed in surprisingly little time;
dinner at the local cafe and G headed back out to mow.

All on a Saturday Morning

The morning of the 4th of July seemed like a good time
to address this area--a disaster after the repair of our basement wall.
 Fortunately, there were plenty of hosta and sedum in our flower beds
to divide and plant.
 By noon, we had basically planted the entire bed.
G. even made a trip to the big box store to purchase some mulch, but
 after pricing it by the bag, we decided to wait until next week and buy it in bulk.
 Once the mulch is spread, we'll place the stepping "stones"
and lay out a path through our newest creation!
All on a Saturday morning.

Let the Orange-Fest Begin!


...and after the Big Weed ( probably 40 linear feet of flower bed)
 these photos of three stretches of it.
 My husband is the patient one. Persistent and methodical.
The results are always gratifying.