As August Wanes...

Almost as if taking its color cue from the pink geraniums at its feet, this sedum has begun to assume its autumn tint...
 One of many butterflies seen around our yard today finds pleasure on this bloom.
This dragon fly is gathering solar power.  Tonight it will glow brightly in front of our house (see a recent post for the night view).
These black-eyed Susans SHOULD have been deadheaded or trimmed today.  I just hate to see them go!  They've been steady bloomers throughout a most hot and dry season.


Solar-charged over the past two days, these three delightful creatures are shining brightly in front of our house this morning!  I had admired them at a friend's lake cottage, and a week ago she delivered a set to me.  As their colors slowly "morph" from one to another, they stand in brilliant contrast to the dark shadows in which they are hiding. 

Do you have any solar powered beauty in YOUR yard?

...and then the Batteries Died!

There would have been so many MORE beautiful scenes to capture at Lakeside Park last night had my phone batteries not died!  Of course, the roses are mostly finished, but many annuals were still wearing their colors.  There was a breeze in the air, the sky was clear,  and folks of every age were enjoying the many recreational facilities in this well-maintained city park.  We found a bench to sit on and read the books we'd brought along.  It was delightful!

Thanks to "The Empress"

Thanks, Melissa! I was the happy winner of her recent giveaway--this GREAT book.  Be sure to visit  The Empress of Dirt and enjoy her writing and gardening perspective.  (I do almost every day!)
 The Cabin is one of two "sheds" on our property.  It houses our extra bedroom as well as providing us with a place to get away from the phone and front-door traffic...

We have a second shed.  Two-thirds of it provides storage for yard & garden equipment.  The other side is full of my "stuff".  (It was SUPPOSED to be a sitting area with a view of one of our small flower gardens...)

"Eye" Wood....

"Eye wood"  love to show you some of the wooden objects scattered around our yard and garden as I observed them this morning....

There's something about the sight of old wood that calms me down.  Settles me.  Soothes me.
(I'm sure it doesn't do that for everyone.)
How about you?  Do you have old wood in your garden scheme?

Heat Hearty

I'm not sure HOW they manage to look so fresh in this oppressive heat!
I think I detected a sigh of relief from these I brought into the air-conditioned house yesterday! 
"What dreadful hot weather we have!  It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance."
-- Jane Austen

Beauty and the Beast

 Beauty and "the beast"!
 I've waited a LONG time for these to bloom.  Wasn't sure it was going to happen!
 Then yesterday, August 6th, the show began!
 We had help yesterday!  T helped Grandpa pick up walnuts and spent a little time digging weeds out of a flower bed...
Finally some beautiful days!  Less heat.  Less humidity.  Until NEXT week.

White Out

 I wish I had a ga-zillion of these!  They are so beautiful.  Before we moved to Harlan six years ago, I don't remember seeing Rose of Sharon (I'm sure I did--just don't remember).  But here, they are EVERYwhere.  I dug up three extras from an alleyway a couple of years ago.  Wish I'd helped myself to more.
The white on this particular hosta is SO attractive.
I didn't venture out to photograph the white roses.  The grass is very wet from recent rains.
I notice the weeds are growing like crazy, too! 

Scene on the Sun Porch

I recently re-purposed this vintage baby crib.  It sits on our back sun porch overlooking the back yard.  Currently, it is only cool enough to sit out there in the early mornings.  As autumn approaches, we will be able to spend more time here.

I like the one that sits along the creek at Creekside Rummager,  don't you?

I'll need to wash these windows before we spend a whole lot more time out there?!  (But honestly, they aren't as bad as this makes it seem.)

Enclosing a major part of our deck to create this three-season porch was a good decision for us.  Since we have such a busy road in front of our house, we enjoy the quieter option in the back.