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According to the above source, "Surprise lily, spider lily, magic lily, resurrection lily, pink flamingo flower, hurricane lily, naked lily and the ever popular "nekkid" lady are all names for the same plant. It must hold the title of the most common names for any plant."

"Most of the common names refer to the plant's split personality. Similar to feuding in-laws the leaves and flowers refuse to appear together. In spring, long amaryllis-like leaves grow in large clumps. By early summer the leaves have yellowed and withered. In mid July-August the surprise appears. The fragrant flowers pop out of the ground overnight. Large 2-feet tall naked stems erupt with 6-8 pink blushed funnel shaped flowers. This flower is definitely proud of its long legs."

We've added some solar lights and transplanted several clumps of a variegated grass in one of the beds we're expanding. One large mum is blooming profusely. I hung a small piece of blue stained glass near it.
We moved the fence away from the bush which had grown to overwhelm the smallness of the fence. We envision a mulch or stone covered area one day extending from the bush to the fence. Till then, the bench & table make a fine place to watch a game of croquet or keep an eye on the flower garden. Husband painted the fence, once moved, as well as the little black table, a garage sale find. Another crop of berries has appeared on the bush. A viburnum?

My mother was going to throw away these butterflies. I figured there would be a spot for them in our back yard - and I was right! Here they are, attached to the old mattress springs where they appear to float in the air. I like them!

Our Backyard Cabin

This sign made of twigs which fell in our yard hangs over the front door of our backyard cabin.
The 10'x16' frame was built and assembled on site by local Amish builders. My husband and father-in-law finished the inside which serves as an extra bedroom and get-away. It is decorated in a Christmas theme year 'round. My husband stained the cabin and added the deck with bench to the front of it.
This is one side view, accented by transplanted white roses which twine around a cushionless wrought-iron settee.
Around the back, a transplanted mulberry tree (not identified when we planted it) is kept trimmed back frequently to control its size. The clematis to the right blooms beautifully;
hosta, day lilies and sedum fill the flower bed.
The other side of the cabin hosts a couple of wash tubs which make convenient summer bathtubs for visiting grandchildren.
The old bed springs attached to rebar serve as a see-through frame, hung with an invitation to "SIMPLIFY".
Close ups of a few features that surround the cabin...