Late Bloomers

Liriope muscari variegata. Late bloomers.
Noticed while prowling around our garden beds to figure out
which sedum to dig out and divide for sharing with a friend who requested them.
 Our sedum grew SO large this year.
They were floppy and awkward to handle, but I'm pretty sure they'll grow next spring
if cut back, watered and replanted now.
Below?  A wheelbarrow FULL of the ones we dug out to give away.

A Walk in a Wetland

 Motivated by the almost daily photos and descriptions of a Facebook friend,
my husband and I set off to find "The Lob" - a marsh and wetland preserve
about an hour away from our home.
The day couldn't have been better for this excursion,
and we were NOT disappointed.
Interesting sights and calm sounds met us as we meandered over the well-tended trails.

The green marsh (below) was silent and syrupy in appearance.
Wildflowers, typical for our late-summer weather, were abundant.

 We didn't begin to explore all the trails and left wishing this beautiful
spot was located a bit closer to us.

sedum sweet sedum

 Hardly a spot in our yard is without their presence.
 Growing daintily or
 with wild abandon,
 sedums' pinks will soon mature
 into color suitable for autumn.
 Every fall I tell myself, "You MUST remember to divide them in the spring."
 Every spring, I forget.
 They really DO appear to have taken over...