Spring Fling

 What a change from last week!
We're WAY behind last year -
I know, 'cause I checked my posts from a year ago...
 but inspired by the beautiful weather
and six episodes of Carol Klein's  Life in a Cottage Garden
(thanks to "heads up" from Melissa of Empress of Dirt)
 husband and I have spent hours yesterday and today
 trimming bushes and trees and cleaning out flower beds.
 There's more to do...but we've made a good start!
I guess you could call this our Spring Fling.

It's Sprong

Sprong = Spring Gone Wrong!

At Last

Actually, today is the first day I've even had the urge to check out
the condition of our yard and flower beds!  
The sun is shining.  It's still chilly and snow is forecast for tomorrow,
but at last I think we're turning the corner from winter to spring!