Chore Theory

"... I've always been of the "little drops of water - little grains of sand" theory about chores.    
Do a little each day and there really aren't any big chores."  (Martha)

I subscribe to Martha's approach.
My husband, on the other hand, does HIS chores in BIG chunks.
 This afternoon, he remodeled this trellis --
fastening it to decking boards at the bottom
 and burying some spikes he fashioned beneath it.
 Maybe NOW the wind won't twist and uproot it!
He also adjusted the stepping stones and fastened
the rose bushes to the sides of the trellis.
 While admiring his accomplishment,
 I braved the cold
 to take pictures of a few of our favorite plants...
 How does YOUR garden grow these days?
Is it cold in YOUR "neck of the woods"?
What's YOUR "chore theory"?

Three Bells and All is Well

All three
within a few feet
of each other.

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I like the way our nearby neighbor has kept the shades of spring blooms
in the same color family.  It truly is a joy to view her front yard!

Though the iris are a little past their prime
 I am enthralled with their color!

♫ It IS a beautiful day in our neighborhood ♫

Home Sweet Home

 After emptying the car from vacation's accumulations and trappings,
 we toured front, back and side yards to see what was blooming!
 This sparse space (above) to the side of the house surprised me with tulips. 
 I didn't remember that we had any!
 Wild geraniums bloomed unselfconsciously....
 as did this pair of tulips.
and our weak azalea which has always been a shy bloomer.
 We missed the flowering of the epimedium,
 but look at the beauty of these leaves!
And in the front, cascading over the stones, the creeping phlox.  Some of my favorites! 
Home. SWEET Home.

Life on the Wild Side

 Favorite Great Smoky Mountain National Park
 WILD flower discovery and identification.
 With my sister-in-law as guide,
 I identify Bishop's cap
and Jack in the Pulpit...

and forget as many as I remember!

 Dog hobble (below)

 ...and something resembling wild phlox (below) but with fewer "petals"
 and those resembling a heart shape stump even her.
...and I  believe I took the one below for identification purposes
 when we consulted the wildflower book later at home.
Lots of white, some pale lavender, and one or two burgandy trillium.
Trails full of beauty. 
Such is life on the "WILD SIDE".

So Much. So Early.

Thought I'd best get some photos of these brave blooms
before they meet Jack Frost tonight...
I'll be sad if this tree's beautiful blossoms
are damaged tonight.
Some of the buds are just beginning to open...
 We've dubbed this trio of viburnum bushes "the three sisters".
They're at their peak of fragrance and beauty right now. 
So much!  So early!