April Promises

April is a promise that May is bound to keep.  Hal Borland
My husband...walking along our front sidewalk exactly one week from the time 
he was being prepped for quadruple bypass surgery!
Our niece mowed the yard for the second time last night.
Our flower beds are quite neglected...
but ONE of these days!


But why so small?
This was the ONLY thing blooming in our yard
on this chilly (and I mean chilly)
spring day! 

Waiting in the Wings....Part II

 What a beautiful morning!
 I ventured out into the back yard for the first time
 since my fall and hip replacement surgery on March 16th.
I was overwhelmed with the beautiful sights of spring
along with the accompanying work required to get things in shape!
 My husband will be doing double duty, I'm afraid.
 So much trimming, cleanup, and setting up to do!

 I'm sure I'll spend several hours today trying to figure out
how I can help without hindering my healing process.

Waiting in the Wings

 Wish I had more to report....
 but basically, it's been too wet to do ANYthing outdoors.
 Meanwhile, these are waiting in the wings--thoughtful gifts from friends
as I recover from a fall & emergency hip replacement.