Mostly Iris

 Almost every day, a different iris opens!
 Funny, but I don't remember these from other years,
 and certainly can't remember where they came from--
who their donors were.

 There is one more variety yet to open.
 I can hardly wait to see if it is a different one from these.
2020 will certainly go down as the year of the Iris here in our Indiana home.


In addition to a week's worth of grass
we came home to a few new things...

What a difference a week makes!

Shave and a Haircut

A cool morning was the perfect time
to shape this anonymous bush into a "tree".
(Is this "normal"???)

Making a Difference

A cool day after hot ones
called for a major pruning chore...
which called for a fire.
This was followed by smaller jobs
like sprucing up a couple 
of garden frogs.
We enjoyed attending to a few tasks
that make a difference
on a day when making a difference didn't involve
enduring high temperatures!

What's Blooming Today

Simple blooms, really...

These, so far--
and a few dandelions...illegal immigrants from neighbors' yards.

Sight and Scent....Ahhhhhhhhh

 Is it my imagination
 or are they pinker than last year?
And if so, why?