This and That

 I found this ceramic owl at a thrift store and placed it on the trunk of the tree
 where a family of owls perched statue-like on a branch for most of a day a few years ago.
On the way to attach the owl, I passed this rusty tray holding my
small collection of stone hearts.  The small white one is the latest.
I found it walking to the post office yesterday.
 (Had tree trunks on the mind for some reasons....)
 Our white rose bushes are as full as I've ever seen them.  They are about to explode with flowers!
Another tree trunk with a couple of sunflower heads (yard art) at its base.
My husband just fashioned a seat for this bench
from decking boards found free in a pile of wood on a curbside.
Much all we need are cushions for the back.

Plant Markers

 Until the spiderwort (below) started blooming yesterday,
 I was telling people the bee balm (above) was spiderwort.
 Now I know.
 I really MUST get me some plant markers!
I say this every year.
What do YOU use to mark your plants?
...or do you just remember what you've got?

A Place to Return to.....

 I only had minutes to see this incredible place.
My daughter insisted I stop in before the wedding she was attending
 at this rural property.
 I wasn't dressed for the wedding and had a sleeping grandchild in the car,
 so I only saw enough to know
 this is a place to return to!
This isn't even a FRACTION of the fascinating scenes
in this northeastern Indiana garden.
It's definitely MY kind of place.
(If you like this kind of style, you really ought to click on the photos
 to enlarge 'em and see more details....)

Irises or Irides

I finally checked out the proper plural forms
 of this beautiful flower.
 I may have one more variety remaining to bloom
 in our flower beds.
 Such a grand, showy flower--
returning so much pleasure for so little work.

Hanging Around

Recently hung in our yard....mostly wreathes;
but also a mirror,
 a lantern (can you see it down in the left-hand corner?)
a swing,
and yet another wreath.
 (I like the way the swing is reflected in the mirror, below....)

When is a Fence Not a Fence?

 Alerted by a call from my sister, my husband scouted out a curb-full of
scrap wood.  Including 4 sections of this fence!

 There was repair and painting to do,
 It was SO worth it!
Everything looks better AND we have one section left--
even after splitting the third one to camouflage
these ugly railing installed a few years ago by the state(?)
when they widened the road & replaced sidewalks in front of our house.
When is a fence NOT a fence?
When it's Yard Art!