Establishing a baseline

We were about the only thing happening 
at the Allen County Extension Display Garden this afternoon.
The daffodils looked lonely.
I guess the Master Gardeners who tend this interesting space
are still in hibernation mode. 
Still, I'm glad we took advantage of the mild weather
to establish a sort of baseline from which to guage 
and enjoy the progress of the season.

Theirs and Mine

 Paging through a magazine at Barnes & Noble Friday,
 this one (above) caught my attention!
 My one forsythia bush had begun to blossom out - quite prematurely it seems to me.
 I had intentions of forcing a few blooms, but procrastinated.
 Last night the temperatures dropped to 17 degrees, 
 but after letting the bush sun itself a few hours,
 I went out to cut MY version of the arrangement.
 This is the result.  
 I have no idea if I'll see much yellow emerge, but I can dream...
And one day later...