Autumn Disguise

 The little section at the front side of our house
 ends up being more of a holding cell
 for "found" objects.
 It hasn't gotten a lot of tending lately,
 but even with its faults
it wears its autumn disguise well!

Winona Lake, IN

 Drizzling rain didn't spoil the day's beauty.
 During an afternoon break at the seminar I attended today,
 I strolled outside to try to capture the view 
seen all day through the windows behind the presenter.
 It really HAS been a beautiful fall,
surpassing my expectations at its beginning.
The C.E. National campus, Winona Lake, IN
is the location of this colorful display.

Farewell, October; Hello, November

...waiting for daylight this first day of November to see if any leaves remain
on our beautiful tree after the rain and wind of the night.....
Next mild day is reserved for storing away yard art and lawn furniture.