Our Newest Addition

For the scoop, see "Chime Time" at  Working Wonders.

April Colors

Bleeding hearts (above) are an old-fashioned perennial species which are easy to grow and a popular favorite for many years.

The most frequently seen variety is the red bleeding heart (D. Spectabilis). This one will actually grow out in full sun but looks better and the flowers last longer if it gets shade from about noon, on. Flowering occurs during May and June but may continue throughout the summer if conditions are good and they're not allowed to set seeds.  This MUST be the variety I have....

One of its very old common names is "lady in her tub," or "lady in her bath." If you hold a dicentra flower by its spurs and gently pull them apart, there she stands, looking for all the world like she must be saying, "Close the door!"  I need to try this--would be great thing to show the grandchildren!

Without a doubt, this is the most colorful season in our yard and flower beds!  It is absolutely beautiful here.


Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments, not the composer.  (Geoffrey B. Charlesworth)
Pruned back last year, the bush will soon be covered with the flowers that produce one of my favorite scents.

Front Porch Improvement

Constructed from re-cycled materials (bar-type doors discarded in a pile of trash), my husband fashioned and hung these shutters on our front porch yesterday.  I think it adds great character and charm to our already friendly front porch!

Back "Island"

We spent several hours in the back yard this morning.  I transplanted some iris (3 types) in the inner circle around the wishing well.  My brother sent them back with us from North Carolina.  They looked pretty dried out to me, but we'll see.  It is supposed to rain tonight.  Gary mowed the entire lawn.  It was tall and quite thick.  He may have to mow again on Saturday. 

Paths We Take

Here and there, throughout our yard, are paths that we have constructed to take us from "here" to "there". Our materials are rustic and most were free!  They're always evolving.  This is how they appear today.  Happy Trails to You!

Spring Fling!

Last Saturday, two of our grandchildren "helped" us with a few yard clean-up chores.
Burning twigs was definitely the highlight for them!
This morning I wanted to take advantage of the sunshine and finish reading a book that is due early tomorrow morning. Unfortunately the sun went behind a cloud, and the breeze made it too cool to stay outside. Still, the expectation of warm days ahead was pleasureable!  And the book is delightful.