Here We Come a'Caroling....

We've had these carolers for years!  They were either purchased at a garage sale or thrift store.  I can't remember.  I think they look charming in the corner of our front porch this year.

Snow Trio

A trio of sights from our front porch -- the first real snow of December 2009...
What a difference a DAY makes!  SO glad the fallen branches and limbs were cut up and removed yesterday before the snow fell (see yesterday's post)!

Wind Damage and Survival

High winds the second week of December took their toll on this poor tree.  Other effects included the downing of a newly-installed wooden arbor in one of the flowerbeds and damage to a trellis and post on our back patio.
One bright spot I found while taking these pictures were the lovely red berries remaining on the bare bush below through which you can see our Christmas cabin that survived the falling limbs.

Toy Soldier

When I saw it marked "fifty cents" at the thrift store this afternoon, I thought it might fit here!  Sure enough.  It fits perfectly in the old wooden planter that stands on its end beside our front door.