the Last Day of May 2012

The state of the yard/flower beds
this morning....

Bottle Crazy!

 While cleaning out the garage this Memorial Day morning,
 my husband came across miscellaneous bottle-worthy contraptions
and we went a little Bottle Crazy!
 From old, rusty candle holders,
 to white former curtain holders (we think)...
 and manythings in between
he fashioned bottle holders!
Then I found a place for them and the bottles 
which we found (empty on roadsides, etc.)
Now, if only I could figure out how to get the labels off!
 (We even tried to fill in the base of a
 floundering, transplanted Boxwood bush with bottles!)

It's Very Dry Here...

We REALLY need rain!  This poor clematis bloomed....but just barely.
There's not even rain in the rain barrels!

Mums in May?

 This 25 cent garage sale find has already found its place in our yard
 and on the patio!  Light, portable, floral and with a little rust--perfectly suited
for yard-ware. husband's favorite flowers -- and I can't remember its name!
 Lamb's Ear is ready for a trim....
 and our roses have NEVER looked so good!
Now I've got to figure out what to do with the mums!
The growing season must have started w-a-y too early.
It looks to me that they are already budding!
What to do?  What to do?

Other Peoples' Yards & Gardens

 Whenever I go to our library which is in a neighboring town,
  I drive by this yard.
A couple of days ago, 
I invited myself to a tour!
 The owner graciously consented.

 Fountains, garden sheds,
 fruit trees and NUT trees!
(Notice the identification sign.  I think they're charming.)
 It's all very fascinating.
 I didn't get a picture of the vegetable garden....
 but I think you get the picture!
I really like leisurely strolls through other peoples' yards and gardens, 
don't you?

The Pleasure of a Good Garden Read

 I spent a beautiful hour in the back yard on this glider/swing finishing
a witty, wonderful book.
Besides communicating the pleasure Elizabeth found
 in developing her country estate,
this book is full of garden details, wit, and grand descriptions
of life in Victorian times.  
I am "in the market" for my own copy. 
It's a book I would read again and again and never tire of it!
I understand that she wrote 22 books.  I'm looking for THOSE, too.
Let me know if you have a copy to spare.

Coming and Going

 While I was visiting this little guy who is fighting a 
 nasty rhinovirus,
 things in our yard and flowerbeds were coming and going!
 The roses are coming on strong.  The bushes are covered with blossoms.

 Soon the clematis will be out in full, colorful force, too!
 The iris are saying their good-byes...
 at the same time the lavender says, "Hello!"
From the comfort of our newly refurbished swing/glider
I take in the sights of the peony's "coming"
 the flowering of  its neighbors in the flower bed...
 and the "going" of the stone path, newly cleared of its weeds.
 What beautiful weather we are enjoying!
A rain would be welcomed just about now...

All Paths...

 We visited our local County Extension Gardens
 late this afternoon.
 (Can you see the butterfly in the bottom left-hand corner of this stone?)
 I decided to try to photograph all the foot paths in this amazing place.
 Unfortunately, I hadn't changed the indoor setting on my camera
that I'd used earlier in the day.
 Thus...not the quality of pictures that I'd hoped for...
 but enough to show the great diversity of materials and designs
 used to create paths and walkways.

 Even the Prairie Section below had navigable paths!

 I have a path or two to change/expand back at "the ranch"!
 I'm gathering ideas in the "Path" section of my Pinterest account.
 One of these days, we'll come up with a plan to execute...

 Every stone in the path that these two lie in
 has a different design!

 Whether stones, mulch, gravel, or plain old dirt,
 all these paths were enjoyable to walk.
 Thanks to the Master Gardeners who plan and work
to maintain this quality place!