No Question About It!

December 26, 2012
Scene from our living room window.
No question about it.  It's winter.

Our Backyard Christmas Cabin

 The sun was already setting when I went out to get this picture this afternoon...
 still you can get the gist of our backyard Christmas cabin.
If you'd like a peek inside, click HERE.
Come on!  I think you'll be surprised.
And Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

 I had the dream for some time but had been too lazy to search 
 out a "proper" branch.
Imagine my happiness to find THIS perfect one
lying across an evergreen tree--
apparently deposited by the wind in a most convenient place for me!
 I placed it in a tree holder I found recently at a thrift store.
 Now it stands on our front porch decked sparingly with a few thrifted ornaments.
Even the "berries" seem suited for the season!
Merry Christmas, my Gardening Friends!

Oh Christmas Tree II

I saw this in a magazine at Barnes & Noble this evening.
I'd sure like to try it!
(Haven't done the previous one yet though...)