Here We Come a'Caroling....

We've had these carolers for years!  They were either purchased at a garage sale or thrift store.  I can't remember.  I think they look charming in the corner of our front porch this year.

Snow Trio

A trio of sights from our front porch -- the first real snow of December 2009...
What a difference a DAY makes!  SO glad the fallen branches and limbs were cut up and removed yesterday before the snow fell (see yesterday's post)!

Wind Damage and Survival

High winds the second week of December took their toll on this poor tree.  Other effects included the downing of a newly-installed wooden arbor in one of the flowerbeds and damage to a trellis and post on our back patio.
One bright spot I found while taking these pictures were the lovely red berries remaining on the bare bush below through which you can see our Christmas cabin that survived the falling limbs.

Toy Soldier

When I saw it marked "fifty cents" at the thrift store this afternoon, I thought it might fit here!  Sure enough.  It fits perfectly in the old wooden planter that stands on its end beside our front door.

A New Suit for the Porch Furniture

I covered the summer-print cushions with inexpensive green and red checked vinyl table clothes, tucked in to make a fit.  I'm not sure how they will winter, but at least I can work with these colors for Christmas decorating purposes.
A closer look...

November 21, 2009

Autumn Rose.  They don't give up easily!

Our bushes have berries!

Getting Ready for Winter

This afternoon I got all the rocks from the rock pile distributed. It didn't look like THAT big of a pile, but I ended up looking for places to put them. This was one solution....a border between the yard and an extra parking area beside our driveway.

It's not always pretty in our yard and garden!  We took advantage of the sunshine and mild weather to stack some yard art.  We'll cover it all with a tarp so it isn't so unsightly.  My hard-working husband used the rain in the rain barrels to wash his car and then turned the rain barrels upside down for the winter.

By Day and By Night

I saw this artificial plant discarded by a trash bin as I drove in the country two days ago.  My husband graciously stopped to pick it up and returned it to our front porch.  Yesterday I strung a $.74 string of orange lights (reduced in price after Halloween).  I am pleased with the look and pleased with the cost.

After a coat of white paint and a five hour wait, Husband hung the star over our porch steps.  Great accent! 

What a Difference a Night Makes!


Here in our back yard, the leaves are about half down.  Gary began mowing and mulching.  A neighbor offered his blower and (in about the same time it would have taken to mow) the leaves were piled and burning.

It began to sprinkle. By the time the rain started to fall, the leaves were ashes.

Hosta in October

B.B. (Before Blogging) I seldom noticed - let alone took photos!
Now, EVERYTHING catches my eye.
The contrast of sedum flowers and yellow hosta leaves is striking.

"October Gave a Party..."

October gave a party;
The leaves by hundreds came -
The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,
And leaves of every name.
The Sunshine spread a carpet,
And everything was grand,
Miss Weather led the dancing,
Professor Wind the band.

~George Cooper, "October's Party"

New Rock Border

I used the  larger of rocks in our rock pile to create this border.  I placed the rocks in the indentation formed by rain hitting the ground at the base of our shed. 

More Rocks Rock!

Baughman's delivered us some more rocks!  The pile will shrink as I use the larger ones for flower bed borders, replacing smaller ones I had installed temporarily.  I am in a "rock phase".  I enjoy using natural elements in our yard and garden along with the occasional whimsical touches.


Between the first of the month and now, the intensity of the pink sedum flowers has increased.  They make beautiful statements in several of our flower beds.

Outfitting for Autumn

My husband designed, constructed, painted and hung this shelf/flag holder for our front porch.  He used scraps and pieces found in our garage.  I could hardly wait for the paint to dry to arrange some of my tin platters on it!

Our Latest Acquisition

At "free", the price was right!

Had the Weather Cooperated....

...this would have been the scene in our garden this past Tuesday.  I had hoped to serve desserts and coffee to my Red Hat Club ladies following our normal dinner meeting.  However, rain had fallen most of the morning and there was another strong rain around 200 p.m.  So desserts were served at the restaurant instead.  I had looked forward to using the cushions (click on "cushions" to see the story)  I had recently sewn scattered on various benches and seats throughout the yard along with vintage table clothes.  Oh well.  Maybe another time.

"Mums" the Word!

No other plant says "fall" like chrysanthemum flowers. (David Beauliu)

I divided a couple of hardy mums earlier in the summer. ALL of the divisions have done well and are blooming beautifully today. This is my favorite color and one of my most favorite, easy-to-grow perennials.

Sedum, too.

Two Angles - September View