Sign, Sunset, Shed

 My husband fashioned this sign out of a longer one...
 cutting it into three pieces, drilling holes, and connecting with wire.
I couldn't be happier with it!
 Around the corner from the rustic fence piece....these daisies.
 And on the other side of the house,
In the garage, a garage sale find (below)
awaits placement on the shed.
It's been SUCH a beautiful day,
culminating in a spectacularly simple sunset this evening.
With the dawn of Friday morning--the hanging of the garage sale find.
And 1/3 cup of Epsom salts is worked into the soil
around the roots of this old rose bush followed by a generous watering.
Maybe a little late, but I recall it resulted in some fine blooms a year or two ago...
We're off to a great start today!

Slow and Steady

So far, our forays into our yard and garden have been limited
 due to medical issues.
 Today however, weather was near-perfect,
 and a friend came with shovel and empty containers
 to divide several of our perennials for planting in her yard.
 It was the perfect excuse to get out and place a few pieces
of yard art!
 It felt SO good!
 And while I was at it, I pulled quite a few weeds.
The piles will dry, and I'll pick them up to discard tomorrow.
 Slow and steady wins the race!
And how about these iris?!?

Can Anyone Help Me?

 I took my new hip out for a spin yesterday.
I was thrilled to find so many plants faring so well
with so little "interference" from us this spring!
 Actually, I'd forgotten the colors I could expect!
 (I think of our flower beds in general, perennial shades of green.)
 I am pleasantly surprised!
Can anyone help me with the identity of the yellow to the right of this photo?
I suspect it to be a weed, but don't want to yank it until I'm certain.
I've yanked before and lost a few additions I'd forgotten I made in a previous season.
I HATE it when I do that.

Current Favorites...

 Hands-down favorites (currently)!
Clustered, casual, and colorful.
Hard not to like.

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

With just a few more hours of sunshine, the tree above
will be glorious in its spring beauty!
 Our large lilac bush is fighting back valiantly
from its hasty and unprofessional pruning.
(Every year, I tell myself we're going to learn to do it correctly.
Every year, we don't.)
 Still, what's not to love?

 Above, one of three viburnum bushes deals with the same
distress as the lilac bush...
 while the bleeding heart thrives on the ignorance of its gardeners...
Ignorance is NOT bliss,
but sometimes it's close to it.

May Day Minus Flowers

 May Day minus flowers.
Rather, our morning walk took us out to the back
to view the neat pile of wood harvested from a recent limb-removal.
 I transplanted a small twig of forsythia a couple of years ago (I think).
I had hoped for more vigorous growth but haven't really done anything to encourage it...
so (below) this is what we have as of today.
In a few days, our lilac bush and flowering cherry tree will be in full bloom.
Photos to come!
Meanwhile, here are a few views from our side yard.
Survivors--all of them!

I am enjoying visiting gardening blogs more than ever
since our own efforts have been temporarily suspended.
I'm thankful for a hard-working niece who will be handling the basic outdoor chores.
She's hardworking and thorough AND willing to do a few extras, too.