Bits and Pieces

 Blue bottle trees

Pretty hard to believe the beauty of this place!  (Sculpture Garden/Wisconsin)

Some amazing (Grace) gardens -2016
An inspiring garden, potting shed, etc.  

 This garden is positively fascinating!  Bella Madrona

Very cool bird & butterfly houses HERE

Grace's stone/brick yard....laid bedsheet down as weed barrier.

Jon's Georgetown garden - a downtown garden with cabin in back; overgrown, gorgeous parkway, etc.

Small but mighty!  I REALLY like this yard/garden.

Many, many POTTING BENCHES here!

Judy's Garden - another one I really like :)

Lots of yard art here.....

Skyler Walker - AKA Tangly Gardener!

Now here's one that's just FULL of whimsy!

Without a doubt, I'll be trying to make one (or many) of these concrete balls!

 Glass mulch & side-by-side gardens.....

Yard art for SURE!

Really loved the yard art on this tour...

Garden Sheds galore

Connie's Yard Art 

Some Garden Tours here....

A most amazing collection of potted plants!

 As of 5/31/12, just maybe the most fascinating garden I've ever seen!

A fairy village that must be seen to be believed....
Marsha's amazing Pine Hollow (miniature) 2013!

Potting Bench Ideas - WONDERFUL!

Yard art - ideas for holding drinks in the yard, etc.

 Rose Potpourri.    A jar is kept on the counter during rose time.     I'll go out and pick roses no less than every other day and the petals are put in the jar.    A sprinkle of salt goes on top.    And we add petals and salt until we either fill the jar or we run out of roses!    Once either the jar is full (or the roses run out), we place a saucer on top and press it down with a weight (a garden rock works nicely).    The jar goes to the basement and we ignore it for at least 3 months and sometimes longer.

What you have at the end is a brown ugly mass that smells of roses!    Remove this mass from the jar and break up into small chunks.    You can add to other potpourri if you want but we prefer to put in lidded china jars.    The fragrance is released into the room when the lid is removed!

  •  Buffalo Garden Walk - a bunch of web sites to peruse when you have some extra time!  Many, many ideas here.
  • Interesting repurposing here!  Trash to treasure ideas for the garden.  Great Austin garden with lots of "yard art"!
    Vintage stuff (there is another tab full on this site, too!

    Sharon Lovejoy's Top Ten Gardening Tips.  
    If you want to be a gardener, you need one common denominator:

    1. YOU, with your hands dirty. The best fertilizer for a garden is the touch of its caretaker.

    2. YOU, patrolling daily and nightly. Discovering problems early helps win battles.

    3. YOU, knowing the needs of the plants you purchase.
    Plant them in the right place, tend to their needs, and they’ll flourish.

    4. YOU, planting a diverse garden. So no single pest can move in and take over. With diversity comes health.

    5. YOU, learning simple, earth-friendly solutions to pest control. Like saucers of beer for slugs and snails, packing tape for blotting away aphids, or a shop-type vacuum to remove cucumber beetles or squash bugs.

    6. YOU, realizing that a lawn consumes thousands of gallons of water annually.
    Reduce lawn size, tuck in some drought-tolerant plants, water only as needed and reap $.

    7. YOU, saving clippings, leaves and pine needles in a garbage can. Stick in your weed trimmer, work it around inside the can, and voilà—mulch!

    8. YOU, inviting birds into your garden. Give them a birdbath and some sheltering habitat and they’ll become an avian patrol squad of pest eaters.

    9. YOU, planting flowers, fruit trees and shrubs to attract butterflies and beneficial insects. They’ll repay you with color, life and pollination.

    10. YOU, enjoying the process.