"If you can dig a hole, you can plant a Star", reads the tag.
 We can, and we did!
The rose was potted and a memorial plant sent by her nieces and nephews
to my mother's funeral.
I ended up being the fortunate recipient of the bush.
We dug the hole this morning at one of the corners of our front porch.
A light drizzle fell on it all day.
I think the white roses will look lovely against the white trim of the porch!

Surprise, Surprise!

Every year brings us unexpected pleasure
as the Naked Ladies/Surprise Lilies/Resurrection Lilies
make their sudden and beautiful entrances in our various beds.

Perrenials in August

  These three photos are evidence
that summer is in its last stages!
...and though odd-appearing as this yesterday,
I expect beauty from them really soon!
A group of us have an annual contest to see whose "naked ladies" make an appearance first.
I think I've won!