1. You must be a zone warmer than us here in VT my clematis is just wishing it could bloom. How was your trip?I have some questions about blogging and I will email you. God Bless You my new friend. Meg

  2. Greetings Rebecca!
    I'm so bad at looking at my followers, I just discovered you as one at my garding blog! I wanted to drop by and say hello and thank you for following me at The Garden.
    I love your clematis. They are stunning plants! I only have one at this time ~ I did have a few more but (blushing) I've run over them with the lawnmower! Oops! This last one is safely tucked back by a fence and is happily climbing up my lilacs! No fear of the lawnmowere there!
    It was nice visiting with you ~ so fun to *meet* new friends!

  3. Your clematis looks gorgeous.

    Mrs. Teapot