Our Backyard Cabin

This sign made of twigs which fell in our yard hangs over the front door of our backyard cabin.
The 10'x16' frame was built and assembled on site by local Amish builders. My husband and father-in-law finished the inside which serves as an extra bedroom and get-away. It is decorated in a Christmas theme year 'round. My husband stained the cabin and added the deck with bench to the front of it.
This is one side view, accented by transplanted white roses which twine around a cushionless wrought-iron settee.
Around the back, a transplanted mulberry tree (not identified when we planted it) is kept trimmed back frequently to control its size. The clematis to the right blooms beautifully;
hosta, day lilies and sedum fill the flower bed.
The other side of the cabin hosts a couple of wash tubs which make convenient summer bathtubs for visiting grandchildren.
The old bed springs attached to rebar serve as a see-through frame, hung with an invitation to "SIMPLIFY".
Close ups of a few features that surround the cabin...


  1. Love it. What a wonderful idea for an extra bedroom.

  2. I've had my lilies for several years now. My parents are the ones who got me started. They had close to 250(not a typo either)in their gardens. They lived in a mobile home park and had little grass left to cut with all their flower beds. They retired to Az. and I inherited about 54. Any way, my parents moved back to Mi. as they didn't like being away from the grandkids and great grand kids. By then, my lilies really needed to be split. When all was said and done, I had 1 large, 1 medium & 1 small lily bed. Now I have 3 other areas I've put them in. I always mix the plants up so I never know what color will come up where. Then, I may rearrange them because of hight.
    Yes, I do have a new blog background. I chose it because of the lilies and the Shabby Chic look. I found a wall paper border for the header. Glad you like it. I feel it suits me well.

  3. Thank you for visiting my site.... As soon as I get home from vacation (using dial up here in the mountain home) and back to DSL, I want to stroll through your site! Thank you again for taking the time to visit me and leave a comment. Smiles from Jackie

  4. This cabin is fabulous! Wish we had the room for something so sweet!