A New Suit for the Porch Furniture

I covered the summer-print cushions with inexpensive green and red checked vinyl table clothes, tucked in to make a fit.  I'm not sure how they will winter, but at least I can work with these colors for Christmas decorating purposes.
A closer look...


  1. Several summers ago I made slipcovers out of a waterproof tablecloth for the cushions of my porch glider. It worked and held up very well, then this summer I just threw a quilt over it. Mine had pale shades of mauve, brown and green too!

  2. They look great!
    I like to do that too, I can't really change the furniture inside to match each season other than maybe throw pillows, but I do try to change the outdoors with each season.
    Wonderful job!
    Love to you, Eileen

  3. Wanda, That's good to hear - that the waterproof tablecloths worked....I didn't stitch them up just 'cause these weren't very expensive ones....

  4. Eileen - you're always so encouraging! Thanks, friend.

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