Honestly, I'm very weary of winter.  I looked out the back door in hopes of sighting a little sunshine this morning, but was disappointed that the dawn of March didn't bring with it very many evidences of spring-to-come.  This large pine tree grows tall toward the sky beside our deck toward sun that MUST come out of hiding eventually...

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  1. It's brighter here today, but we're still snow covered.
    In reply to how much bird seed we use, it's almost twice as much in winter.
    A 40 lb bag of sunflower seeds lasts about a month in the summer. We have 5 rather large feeders we fill. I put out fruits, bagels with peanut butter and suet cakes, when it's extremely cold or we have deep snow.
    We stock up on the seed when it's on sale, it'd bought at a TSC store.
    I never would have known if not for feeding and watching, that we have 42 different species of birds on the property...that's not counting the hawks, owls, turkeys, or turkey vultures. The birds in return...reward us with songs all season.